Bite Into Some Burger Slang

Bite Into Some Burger Slang

Since it was introduced to the USA by German immigrants over a century ago, the burger has now become a global phenomenon. So much so that there are now even TV shows based on burger joints (fess up, you definitely spent most of your winter weekends marathoning entire seasons of Bob’s Burgers). The Hugo’s Burger team thought they would share some secret burger lingo shared by professionals in the industry.

Grey’s Anatomy

No, we’re not referring to Meredith and Derek’s doomed love affair (besides, that’s so 2015, yeesh). We’re talking about that moment when you gleefully sink your teeth into what you thought was a freshly cooked patty… only to discover a greyish, dull undercooked filling. Ewww. Rest assured – you’re in safe hands with our chefs. Besides, they’re more partial to House M.D…


Get your head out of the gutter, we’re not referring to those. Burger baps are simply hamburger buns, or soft and flat bread rolls in which patties are sometimes served in the USA.


Occurs when you’re eating the front side of your burger, causing all the toppings and ingredients to slide out from the sides and onto the plate.

Walk a Cow Through the Garden

A bit long in the tooth, but quite creative. As you may or may not have figured out, this expression refers to a beef patty topped with tomatoes, onion and lettuce.

Double Meat

Contrary to popular belief, the Double Meat is not two patties in one bun, but rather two portions of the same size smushed together to create a giant. A long time ago, in places that would only stock small or medium patties, this was a common and faster way of creating burgers of bigger sizes.


Often heard in the kitchens of most burger joints, this is simply an abbreviation for lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

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